PhD positions available
The Laboratoire d’Information Quantique has funding for 5 Early Stage Researchers (PhDs):
Mailing list Bio-inspired photonic information processing

January 2020: creation of an international mailing list devoted to Bio-inspired photonic information processing.

Check out the website of the list for further information, including how to subscribe.

Stéphane Clemmen Chercheur Qualifié !

On 1st October 2019 Stéphane Clemmen joined LIQ as permanent research staff. He is Chercheur Qualifié du FNRS.

Congratulations Stéphane !!!


The Laboratoire d'Information Quantique is part of the Quantum Technologies Flagship project QRANGE: Quantum Random Number Generators. This 3 year project started in October 2018.

See the web site of the project at for further information.

Dynamical Systems and Brain Inspired Computing

The conference Dynamical Systems and Brain Inspired Computing will take place at Brussels from 31 may to 2 june 2017.

Check the web page of the conference.

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