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Manipulating information at the quantum level is profoundly different from manipulating it classically. This opens the door to some new and surprising applications such as quantum cryptography (in which the security of the encryption of a message is guaranteed by the laws of physics) or quantum computers (which could solve certain problems such as factoring exponentially faster than classical computers). The Laboratoire d’Information quantique is actively working on different aspects quantum information, both at the theoretical and experimental level.

Latest News

The Laboratoire d'Information Quantique is part of the Quantum Technologies Flagship project QRANGE: Quantum Random Number Generators. This 3 year project started in October 2018.

See the web site of the project at qrange.eu for further information.

Dynamical Systems and Brain Inspired Computing

The conference Dynamical Systems and Brain Inspired Computing will take place at Brussels from 31 may to 2 june 2017.

Check the web page of the conference.


The 2014 DIQIP-QALGO meeting will be held at ULB from May 13 to May 16.

De Donder prize

December 2012

Stefano Pironio is awarded the De Donder prize by the Belgian Academy of Sciences.