Stéphane Clemmen

Stéphane received a degree of master in physics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium in 2006. From 2006 to 2010, he carried out his PhD work in the LIQ department of the Science Faculty & OPERA-photonique Department of the Applied Science Faculty of ULB thanks to a Doctoral fellowship of the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research (FRIA). Stephane’s PhD thesis was devoted to nonlinear and quantum optics using silicon photonics. He then worked at Cornell University (NY) in the group of Alexander Gaeta as a post-doc researcher from 2010 to 2014. Stephane joined the Photonics Research Group of the University of Ghent in 2014 as a postdoc researcher and is a part-time professor in this group since 2018. In parallel, Stephane rejoined ULB in 2017 and is a permanent FNRS researcher since 2019 both in the science faculty (LIQ) and in the Brussels School of engineering (OPERA-photonics).

Research interests

Stéphane’s research interests lie in the generation and manipulation of photonics quantum states on one side and on vibrational scattering spectroscopy on the other side and on anything that can link those two broad topics.

Funded projects

  • 2019 Mandat d’impulsion scientifique (FNRS) : Frequency upconversion for on-chip detection of single photons.
  • 2019 Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds (BOF/UGent, together with Dries Van Thourhout) : All-optical single photon detection and active feedforward on a photonic chip.
  • 2019 Fond des 10km de l’ULB (ULB): Spectromètre pour la vibration hyperfréquence de nanoparticules rigides (spectrometer for high frequency spectroscopy of stiff nanoparticles

Past and present PhD students

Open positions

1 PhD vacancies left

In 2020, we are seeking 2 PhD students working on quantum optics and/or nonlinear optics projects. Sufficient knowledge of English is required. Knowledge of French is a +. The position involves a very limited amount of teaching hours. The thesis may be done in “co-tutelle” with the University of Ghent. The appointment is for two years: the candidate will have to apply for a grant (FNRS research fellowship, FRIA, FWO, or SBO) in order to be funded for at least two other years (please chech the elligibility criteria for these grants as they differ from each other). We offer complementary benefits, salary exempted from income taxes, federal health insurrance, laptop, …

Other positions

Postdoc as well as PhD positions can be filled in around the following topics:

  • Raman spectroscopy: poor’s man quantum optics inspired system, low frequency Raman of viral particles
  • Single photon sources based on active multiplexing

Candidates are required to acquire their own funding at the university level (Maria Slodovska COFUND), or at the FNRS (postdoc).


List of publication (also on Google scholar) and selected publications

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S. Clemmen, A. Farsi, S. Ramelow, A. Gaeta, Ramsey interference with single photons, Physical review letters, 2016, 117 (22), 223601 [APS viewpoint, Highlight of the year 2016, Research highlights] [DOI]

B. Kuyken, S. Clemmen, S. K. Selvaraja, W. Bogaerts, D. Van Thourhout, Ph. Emplit, S. Massar, G. Roelkens and R. Baets, On-chip parametric amplification with 26.5 dB gain at telecommunication wavelengths using CMOS-compatible hydrogenated amorphous silicon waveguides”, Optics Letters 36, 552 (2011) [DOI]

S Clemmen, A Hermans, E Solano, J Dendooven, K. Koskinen, M. Kauranen, E. Brainis, C. Detavernier, R. Baets, Atomic layer deposited second-order nonlinear optical metamaterial for back-end integration with CMOS-compatible nanophotonic circuitry, Optics letters 2015, vol 40 (22), pp. 5371-5374 [DOI]

C. Joshi, A. Farsi, S. Clemmen, S. Ramelow, A. L. Gaeta, Frequency Multiplexing for Quasi-Deterministic Heralded Single-Photon Sources, Nature communications [DOI]