PHYS-F-203 Introduction à la mécanique quantique
Serge Massar
PHYS-F-210 Laboratoires, statistique appliquée à la physique expérimentale et projet
Stefano Pironio, Juan Antonio Aguilar Sanchez, Stéphane Clemmen, and Ioana Codrina Maris
PHYS-F-443 Stage et pratique réflexive I
Serge Massar, Laura Lopez Honorez, and Michele Sferrazza
PHYS-F-474 Optique quantique
Stéphane Clemmen and Serge Massar
PHYS-F-509 Quantum Information Theory
Stefano Pironio

Master Thesis and Research Projects

The LIQ proposes research projects for students at Université Libre de Bruxelles and other Universities at all levels.

Topics include:

Foundations of quantum mechanics: It is possible to define natural sets of axioms for quantum theory (much more natural than the usual textbook axioms). It is also possible (by relaxing some of these axioms) to define theories more general than quantum mechanics. We study the relation between these axioms and the physical content of the theories.

Quantum information theory: non locality and entanglement are fundamental characteristics of quantum theory. We study how they enable new information processing possibilities, such as secure key distribution, random number generation, etc.

Experimental quantum optics: generation and manipulation of entangled photons.

Artificial intelligence at the speed of light: we implement a novel, powerful, artificial intelligence concept called “reservoir computing” using optical components for ultra-fast computation.

Please contact us for more information. The experimental topics are described in more detail on the web site of the OPERA-Photonique group.